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Welcome to the Guadeloupe Islands! Guadeloupe Advisor is an online tour reservation and booking portal, connecting travelers with the best tourism service providers in the Guadeloupe Islands. From Basse-Terre to Grande-Terre, from Les Saintes to La Désirade, we promote the best tours, tickets, activities, excursions, and things to do. We are fully committed to providing the best service to our clients, in both English and French.

Plan Ahead of Time

Guadeloupe is not one of those destinations that has covered all its farmland with gigantic resorts or exploited its natural resources into depletion. In fact, when it comes to preserving its authentic way of life, rain forests, mountains, beaches, historical sites, and coral ecosystems, it has been ahead of the game for decades. Simply put, Guadeloupe isn’t the Caribbean you know. It’s a bit of France in the Americas, yet with an undeniably Caribbean vibe, that will make you love traveling all over again.

Guadeloupe Advisor

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Build and customize your very own vacation. Discover insider tips on things to see and do, places to visit and stay, and lots of detailed information to assist you in personalizing your adventure. We provide you with local, insider knowledge to help you plan your trip from scratch and get you into the little secrets of the Guadeloupe Islands.


Guadeloupe Tours and Activities

My girlfriend and I recently returned from a week's stay in Guadeloupe where we benefited greatly from the assistance of Guadeloupe Advisor. Instead of simply renting a slice of beach, working with Guadeloupe Advisor we were able to explore every corner of this magnificent and undiscovered Caribbean paradise. Our guides knew all the best places to explore, shop, eat, drink, and unwind. Guadeloupe Advisor also provided us with the right balance of assistance and freedom where we were able to get where we wanted to go in a moment's notice but didn't need to feel like we were tied to a fixed schedule.

– Ian [Canada], TripAdvisor
Travel Planning Guadeloupe

The guides are well structured and informative, they really serve as a"one-stop-shop" product. They have a good overall layout and they are clearly written by someone who knows the area very well, and is able to translate his knowledge into the information that an outside tourist would need.

– Noelle [Canada], TripAdvisor
Guadeloupe Tours and Activities

Stéphane is very attentive to his customers and speaks excellent English. The second point turned out to be very important: while lots of people on the island speak OK English and are very friendly, nevertheless, explaining what you want in detail is often a challenge. He gave us plenty of tour ideas, we picked one and may pick another one shortly. As I understand he is an intermediary between various tour service providers and a tourist.

– Gennadiy [USA], TripAdvisor
Guadeloupe Tours and Activities

What a fantastic tour! Two friends and I arrived less than 24 hours ago and the Pointe-a-Pitre food tour was first on our itinerary. What a great experience. Stephane, our tour guide, was enthusiastic and informative. He was such a gentleman and we really enjoyed all activities! Not only did you get a taste of the delicious food, but also the culture and the city. As well, he excelled in English, which isn’t common. It made it easier for us to experience everything!

– Nicole [USA], TripAdvisor
Visit Guadeloupe

I am writing this review about Guadeloupe Advisor, an online tour reservation and booking portal. I just booked three tours with them (have not taken yet, will write about them after) and I was very happy with the person I worked with, Stéphane, on all 3 bookings. His professionalism, promptness, expertise, friendliness, willingness to work with me (at the last minute), helping with the online registrations, and putting up with all my questions, revisions, and more questions. What a relief it was to find someone who could help. We are a family of 3, first time visitors to Guadeloupe, who speak no French. Because of Stéphane and Guadeloupe Advisor I am confident we will have a wonderful trip. Try it, you won't be disappointed.

– Jean Hibino, TripAdvisor

I highly recommend Guadeloupe Advisor based on my experience of booking multiple tours and transfers with him over a 2 week period in March. Since our French is limited, booking transfers and tours through an English speaking tour broker such as Stephane was priceless. He always responded promptly, often outside his regular working hours, and ensured that the transfer and tour providers delivered those services as promised. The transfers arranged through him and provided by Yannick were outstanding - spotlessly clean new car, on time service, bilingual driver.

– Henkhu, TripAdvisor

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