Admission Ticket to Le Domaine de Vanibel

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Location: Basse-Terre

Duration: All day 

Departure Time: 2:30 p.m.

Inclusions: Access to the site, guided tour, coffee tasting.

Le Domaine de Vanibel

When thinking about agriculture in Guadeloupe, you tend to visualize big sugar cane fields (key ingredient for rhum!) or banana plantations. People forget that at a time, the island was mostly renowned for coffee, vanilla and cocoa. At the end of the 17th century, about 6 000 tons of coffee were produced in Guadeloupe each year. Today, the production barely amounts a mere 15 tons. But if coffee becomes scarce in this Caribbean island, it has lost nothing of its taste. Quite the contrary…

Reestablish coffee making in Guadeloupe and regain its former reputation as one of the best coffees in the world: that’s the challenge of the Nelson family. And to succeed they have made some clear choices: they’ve opted for sustainable agriculture and opened the Vanibel domain to ecotourism. The public has the opportunity to visit the cultures and learn the secrets of coffee with Joël Nelson who runs the exploitation with his parents and sister.

Follow Joël in the plantations and discover the history of coffee, vanilla and banana on the island. At Vanibel, coffee is shade-grown because the coffee plants would otherwise burn in the sun. Learn why the 10 hectares of coffee on the domain have to be harvested by hand and see first-hand how after the harvest, the flesh of the berry is removed and the seeds are fermented to enhance the flavors and acidity.

After having explained the culture of coffee, Joël will lead you to higher grounds on the domain to tell you more about a mythical flower: vanilla. The vanilla flower has to be hand-pollinated to produce a vanilla pod. After an hour of visit, you will have the chance to taste a cup of Vanibel coffee. If you travel to Guadeloupe and are a coffee addict, don’t miss that experience! The bonifieur coffee, as it is called, is exceptional.

Opening times:

Guided tour in the afternoon only:
From January to April: 2:30pm and 3:45pm
From May to December: 3:00pm.
No free visit.
Closed during sunday and public holidays.
Closed in August