Joel Kichenin’s Table – Creole Culinary Workshop

Creole Cooking Workshops

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2-3 Hours

Important Information: 

Maximum of 8 participants
Water, non-alcoholic drinks are included in price
Alcoholic drinks are available for purchase

Joel’s Table – Creole Culinary Workshop Information:

You will be provided with directions once confirmation of your attendance is received. You will be welcomed by the team at 9:30 am. Learn about traditions and history of authentic Caribbean cooking. Whether experienced in the kitchen or novice, partake as little or as much as you want. Choose Joel’s Table for those that want to be involved in hands-on preparation and cooking authentic Guadeloupean dishes. When you have finished cooking, relax and eat the meal you helped to create. After lunch, wrap up the day with a refreshing dip at the nearby beach, located just a 50 metres away